Education materials for a pharmacist and a doctor

According to the registration of Lenalidomide Pharmascience, PDG Cetus Pharma sp. z o. o., acting in the name of Pharmascience International Limited, provides materials listed below for Medical Care Providers concerning the mentioned product. Materials consist of essential information needed for prescribing and dispensing Lenalidomide Pharmascience, including information about Pregnancy Prevention Programme - PPP. According to PPP requirement, all Health Care Providers confirm that they familiarized themselves with Lenalidomide Pharmascience information package before prescribing the product to each patient.

Information package consists of the following:

1. Heath Care Provider brochure
2. Doctor registration form
3. Pharmacy registration form
4. Pregnancy notification form for Health Care providers
5. Control list for starting Lenalidomide Pharmascience treatment
6. Patient card
7. Patient brochure (given to the patient)
8. Approved information about medical product Lenalidomide Pharmascience (ChPL and patient leaflet)

Below you can download a printable PDF. Filled registration form for Doctor of Pharmacist is to be sent by mail or courier at:

PDG Cetus Pharma sp. z o. o.
Ul. Sokratesa 11b/251
01-909 Warszawa

You can also register online by clicking the following links:

Registration DOCTOR
Registration PHARMACIST

After the registration the information package documents will be sent to you by mail or courier at a given address.

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